Get ready to ignite your passion for speed and live life in the fast lane with Clicktra’s remote control car racing! This is not your ordinary race – it’s a heart-racing, adrenaline-pumping, and daring experience that’s unlike anything else.


Step into our world-standard race track and experience the ultimate in high technology equipment, where up to four racers can compete head-to-head for the championship title. With our high-performance remote control cars, you’ll feel the rush of a real-life Formula One race as you zoom around hairpin corners, take on daring jumps, and speed through twists and turns at breakneck speeds.

This is the first-of-its-kind attraction in this part of the world that’s guaranteed to satisfy your need for speed and test your racing skills to the limit. Whether you’re an experienced racer or a first-timer, our state-of-the-art track and high-tech equipment will make you feel like a true champion.

So, are you ready to go full-throttle and prove your racing prowess? Gather your friends, family, or fellow racing enthusiasts and compete in the coolest, most daring, and cheeky remote control car racing experience around.

Book your slot now and let’s see who will emerge as the ultimate champion!


Do’s & Don’ts


  • Pay attention to the instructions from the staff.
  • Take your time to learn how to properly control the car, it takes practice.
  • Race against your friends and family for some friendly competition.
  • Try out different racing techniques to see which one works best for you.
  • Celebrate when you win a race, it’s a great accomplishment!
  • Take a photo with your favorite racing car to remember the fun you had.


  • Don’t crash into other cars on purpose, it’s not fair or safe.
  • Don’t take your frustration out on the car or other players, it’s just a game.
  • Don’t hog the track, let others have a turn to race as well.
  • Don’t touch or interfere with other players’ cars, they are not yours to handle.
  • Don’t mishandle the remote control.
  • Don’t Step on the track.


Do I need to have prior racing experience to participate in this attraction?

No, whether you’re an experienced racer or a first-timer, our state-of-the-art track and equipment will make you feel like a true champion.

What kind of tracks and obstacles are there on the race track?

The race track features hairpin corners, daring jumps, and twists and turns that will test your racing skills to the limit.

Is there an age limit for participating in Remote Control Car Racing?

This attraction is suitable for participants aged 8 and above.

How long is a typical racing session?

A typical racing session lasts for around 10 minutes.

Is Remote Control Car Racing a safe attraction for kids?

Yes, the attraction is safe for kids and all necessary safety measures are taken.

Can I bring my own remote control car to the race track?

No, only Clicktra’s high-performance remote control cars are allowed on the track.

Do I need to wear any special gear to participate in Remote Control Car Racing?

Clicktra provides all necessary gear and equipment for the racers.

How many racers can compete on the track at once?

Up to 4 racers can compete head-to-head on the track at once.

What kind of equipment is provided for the racers?

Clicktra provides high-performance remote control cars and an exciting racing track for the racers.